Low-Rez Stories

Low-Rez Stories is a semi-narrative video installation based on the use of remote webcam feeds which are tracked by spider-bots, captured and combined into a self-generating cinematic video landscape.

The software engine derived from the N3krozoft Image Processing Kit, partly based on the code employed in the Pink Noise and Aether9 projects, taps into the countless anonymous webcam feeds available on the net. Ranging from highway “traffic cams” to private and office, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, the imagery is transformed and edited in near realtime. An additional semantic layer is added through subtitles that overlay the images, also computer-processed and extracted from weblogs and personal-yet-anonymous online diaries.

While the software is programmed to generate this cinematic flow of images and words in autonomous botnet mode, it is possible for a dedicated viewer to interact and influence the results of the mix through a custom touch-screen interface.

Dedicated website: https://low-rez.tv