The Wikipedia ecosystem expands (or: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly)

I was busy this last few days working with the export functionality of Wikipedia (some new Greyscale publications upcoming shortly…). A quick overview: in the end of 2007, the Wikimedia Foundation announces its collaboration with a German start-up, PediaPress, aiming at developing an export function that would allow “high quality print and word processor copies”…

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Alice: rehearsal tapes

I just posted on Vimeo some raw extracts from this afternoon’s video rehearsal, for a storytelling spectacle based on Lewis Caroll’s “Alice in wonderland/beyond the mirror”. This performance will be presented this Saturday, September 26th, 17h30,
 at “La Fureur de Lire” festival, Théâtre Pitoeff, Geneva. While the artist and illustrator Thomas Perino is revealing his…

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workshop webdesign

Notes en vue du Workshop Webdesign donné à la HEAD / Pôle Art/Media les 24-26 mars 2009. Web Design Tools: Mac Text Editors: * TextWrangler – (includes FTP client) * Smultron – * jEdit (cross-platform) – Linux text editors with HTML support : * Screem (0.16.1 – 11-16-2005) (not developed anymore)…

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