A few questions on Creative Commons

A few legal questions about how Creative Commons licensing works.

Answers can be posted on this public writing pad: https://greyscale.etherpad.mozilla.org/creativecommons

A) Magazine (Texts)

I produce a non-profit fanzine that compiles various texts and interviews.
Some of the authors provide them under CC-BY, some under GNU GPL, some under CC-Zero. It also includes a text from the 19th century that is in the public domain. Globally, the fanzine can be placed under any open license.

How should I proceed?
How can texts under different licenses be combined in one publication?
How does this impact the licensing status of the publication?

B) Audiovisual: movie soundtrack

I make a documentary movie that I will release under an open licence (for instance, CC-BY-SA).
I want to use sound pieces for the soundtrack that are released under CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, and CC-BY-NC.

How should I proceed? Can music pieces under different licensing terms be combined in one movie?

C) Book: illustrations

I produce a book of my writings that are covered by the normal copyright regime, and will be sold commercially. I want to include images that are CC-BY, images that are CC-BY-SA, and images that are CC-BY-NC.

Is this legally possible? How should I proceed?

D) Audio: mixtape

I want to release a selfmade DJ mixtape of CC-licensed music. Among the tracks I used, some are CC-BY, some are CC-BY-SA, some are CC-BY-NC.

How should I proceed? Can I release this track on SoundCloud? Under what license? Can I accept flattr donations for that track?