A list of great #hashtags

This post may someday evolve into a list of nice hashtags.

Working On My Novel

A project by Cory Arcangel: Working On My Novel. He will eventually make a book out of it – a hilariously wonderful project.


You can also simply run this as a twitter search:

Which produces something like this:



See also: #amwriting

This hashtag even has it’s own FAQ page, which says:

#Amwriting is a Twitter hashtag created by Johanna Harness on August 3, 2009. The hashtag is a shortened version of “I am writing.” It is an ongoing chat, which means you are not expected to stay tuned-in constantly or read every tweet. (This would be impossible.) The chat happens in the background of your writing day. It is a virtual watercooler for writers, a place where you can take a break and talk to your colleagues about your current writing projects (and theirs) before getting back to work.


Those hashtags appear to be used by a clique of haiku-writing twitterati.

#sevenwords : search

#sixwords : search

#fivewords : search


#fourwords : search

#threewords : search

#twowords : search