CeC post-festival feedback

Official report and images from the CeC event in India are online.



« Manuel and Chloe and Boris were up next, and promisingly enough, after witnessing Krisgatha’s virtuosity with such stuff, they too rode sensibly sparse kit. Plug’n’play almost. No glitches largely from almost no room for glitches in the first place. But, there was to be no experimental collaboration or ad hocism or any other such thing with this lot. They were like engineers at their consoles for a space-launch at Sriharikota ~ all smoothly doing separate things in perfect sync with each other, to pre-visualized collective purpose, by plan, preparation, perhaps even rehearsal. (…)

This was almost classic opera of a sort. There were scripted spoken parts for Boris and Chloe, and also a brief couple of choreographed enactments; there were clear movements, sequences, transitions and interludes to the electroacoustics, and; there was subtle related purpose and intent to every visual in the melange of manipulated, synthesized, and archival video flashing by.

And, for just one fleeting moment along the way, some of us in the audience were even lucky enough to recognize an (accidental?) onscreen glimpse of some live-programming being done in realtime with Max/Msp/Jitter during the performance itself, which was the most authoritatively intuitive and fluent stuff that I’d ever seen done along such lines, after the joy of watching Hardoff work with Pure Data in CeC & CaC 2008. »

Shankar Barua, March 2009