CSS theme for Planet Scribus

Freshly created: a simple CSS theme for a “Planet” site, for Scribus, a free & open source layout software.

A preview is here: http://sandbox.4o4.ch/scribus-planet/

UDPATE: the live page is here: http://www.impagina.org/planet/

Note: a “planet” is a website that aggregates feeds from multiple sources (blogs, twitter, facebook etc), in order to give an overview on a specific topic (see the Wikipedia definition).

In this case, the “planet engine” is a very basic php implementation written by Ale Rimoldi. The original code is on GitHub.


  • Fluid grid layout: in order to fit the information neatly on screens of various sizes, I decided to use a “jQuery Masonry” script, as well as media queries with three breakpoints for single, 2-column, 3-column or 4-column layout. The script I used is Freetile, by maverick designer Yiannis Chatzikonstantinou.
  • Custom thickbox script: rather than wasting time by searching for the non-existing thickbox script that would support this layout, I quickly wrote it myself with a few lines of jQuery magick.
  • Customizable color scheme: of course, the color scheme is meant to be overriden. There’s a sample .css file just for that.

 Still to be done:

  • Implementation of some caching mechanism.
  • Apply some visual distinction for feeds of different origins.
  • Display Gravatars or other visualizations of the post authors.
  • Rewrite the sample color.css file in Sass, so it’s even faster to re-define the colors.
  • Make the Freetile folder a “hotlink” (what’s the Git terminology for that?) so it always stays up to date.