DejaVu working in Adobe CS, finally!

My collegue Kim Xupei just handed me this information over, after some debugging he did in order to figure out why the nice open source font DejaVu is systematically crashing Adobe CS apps…

Whate came out of the research is that :
a) the latest official version 2.30 solves a crashing issue of the DejaVu Sans Mono typeface.
b) the latest SVN build solves the font-name issue that prevented DejaVu Serif Condensed from being available in Adobe apps…
c) the latest SVN build reintroduces the crash related to the sans mono typeface.

so my current way of working with the font is using the SVN build, but replacing the 4 sans mono files with the equivalent from the older official 2.30 build — this way, the whole font family works fine in InDesign, Photoshop etc…

Interestingly, the whole series of DejaVu works without trouble in QuarkXPress 8.

Newest SVN build:
Standard version:
General info: