First WP Developer Meetup in Geneva

A couple of pics from the first WordPress Developer Meetup in Geneva.

Speakers included Gilles Vauvarin, Friedhelm Weinberg, Nicolas Godel, and myself.

This Meetup was dedicated to plugins, the idea was to do 4-min Lightning Talks and present our favorite plugins. Here is a list of what we covered:

The talks were followed by great discussions with all the attendants, including rockstar web designers Loriskumo and Francis Chouquet – as well as Thomas Joubert, the author of this world famous music video !! :)

And we had the chance to taste handcrafted steamed dumplings, thanks to Olantuyaa’s Sunshine Kitchen!

So, what’s next?

The next meetup will be on Wednesday March 27th, and we will talk about multilanguage solutions for WordPress. We’re looking for speakers, so if you want to do a case study of some multi-language project you have worked on, let me know!

On my side, I am currently exploring a simple custom multi-language solution here

Sidenote: while chatting with Aline Groley (organizer at our host La Muse), we talked about issues they encountered with their newsletter system (formerly managed with MailChimp, now with the Wysija Newsletters plugin), and I’m thinking that this could be a great topic for some future Meetup – how do people manage their subscriber lists and newsletters, and interface them with their WP sites.

This post is episode 3/10 in the #back2blog series.