Interview with Libre Graphics Mag

I recently found myself reading a few gorgeous interview collections — Geert Lovink’s “Uncanny Networks“, Markus Miessen’s “East Coast Europe“, and Peter Seibel’s “Coders at Work” — and decided that I should reengage with that practice myself.

Last week I conducted the first of what will probably become a series of discussions with activists in the fields of art, design, education and software. In this installment, I chatted with Ana Carvalho, ginger coons and Ricardo Lafuente, editors of Libre Graphics Magazine, that just published its 1.1 issue. Read the interview at Greyscale Press :

As you will hopefully notice, I used this opportunity to introduce CSS3 webfonts on, using the very convenient @font-face kit provided by FontSquirrel. The font used for the titles and copy is DejaVu Sans Condensed, a free/open-source font I happen to like a lot.