Report from the desert available on Amazon

report from the desert “Report from the Desert”, first issue of my publishing project Greyscale Press, is now available from, as well as from Lulu.

Some more information on this one: Greyscale Press is an experiment in online publishing. It uses several print-on-demand services to get the books edited in very little print runs. It focusses on electronic text material — sort of “found objects” or “ready mades” — that is quickly converted and formated, then turned into a PDF and printed…

The editorial focus is on self-published sites and blogs, manifestos, manuals, technical documentation, ISO standard regulations, RFCs, IRC chatlogs, court transcripts …

The first item in this collection is “Report from the Desert”, a strange piece of litterary fiction that I found completely by chance on a derelict blog:

As you can see, the text is anonymous and there is no way to trace the author — the blog went dead just after this “Report” was published. It’s a quite fascinating read, and offers several meta-levels of reflection on the act of writing in the digital era.

More volumes are upcoming in the near future!

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