Low-Rez Stories featured in French magazine

A three-page feature about my video project Low-Rez Stories, with an essay by critic Isabelle Arvers, has been published in issue 7 (February 2010) of Amusement, a lush french “lifestyle magazine on digital entertainement”. You can find a scan of the article at Isabelle Arvers’ blog. Low-Rez Stories project site: https://low-rez.tv Amusement Magazine: http://www.amusement.fr

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The Wikipedia ecosystem expands (or: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly)

I was busy this last few days working with the export functionality of Wikipedia (some new Greyscale publications upcoming shortly…). A quick overview: in the end of 2007, the Wikimedia Foundation announces its collaboration with a German start-up, PediaPress, aiming at developing an export function that would allow “high quality print and word processor copies”…

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Low-Rez Stories: some news

My project Low-Rez Stories, which was recently exhibited in Zurich, should become very active during 2010. A show is already scheduled for July 2010, during the NIFF film festival in Neuchatel. Also, a little booklet has been released, featuring an essay by Isabelle Arvers. You may have a look at the PDF here: https://low-rez.tv/data/LowRez_booklet_fr.pdf Finally,…

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