Published research articles

I am gathering here an overview of some published research articles.

An article on paranoia, spam and botnets, co-written with Laurent Schmid, based on our talk at Maison d’Ailleurs.

Schmalstieg, M. & Schmid, L. (2009). FUD – Fear, uncertainty and doubt, Issue, 4.

An article that emerged from my conference at EESAB Lorient in December 2011 is published in the art journal “Pratiques” issue 22 (fall 2013), edited by Julie Morel. The article is available here. It gravitates around my research on industrial-scale book-scanning (Google, Internet Archive), and print-on-demand spam.

Schmalstieg, M. (2013). Ctrl Print Delete. Pratiques – Réflexions sur l’art, 22.

This research later culminated in my conference at Books in Browsers IV (2013). A transcript of my talk was published in JEP, The Journal of electronic publishing:

Schmalstieg, M. (2014). A Book Isn’t A Book Isn’t A Book. The Journal of electronic publishing, 17(1).