Vimeo Vortex

Je viens de publier une nouvelle extension, pour une meilleure intégration des films Vimeo dans un site WordPress. Cette extension sera particulièrement utile si vous avez des “murs de vidéos” à afficher: Dans ce genre cas, l’appel à une iframe individuelle pour chaque vidéo a un impact dramatique sur le chargement de la page. Pour…

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I was a human pixel

I had the chance some days ago to participate in this historical re-enactment of the computer game Pacman, first released 1980 in Japan. It is the fifth in a series of video-game reincarnations by Swiss artist-designer Guillaume Reymond (after Pong, Space Invaders, Tetris…), filmed in stop-motion animation and using human live actors in the place…

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Solaris/Google video showing at Tweakfest

An exclusive high-resolution preview of the SOLARIS / Google Streetview video-remake will be screened during the video session curated by Mario Purkathofer (Dock18) at Tweakfest, Zurich, upcoming Saturday 24th April. Links: Tweakfest Saturday Programme: Solaris video previews:

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Alice @ la fureur de lire

A storytelling spectacle, based on Lewis Caroll’s “Alice in wonderland/beyond the mirror”, presented at “La Fureur de Lire” Festival in Geneva. Presented on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th September 2009, at Théâtre Pitoeff. The project, organized by storyteller Deirdre Foster, centered on the illustrations by Thomas Perrino, which I was re-mixing and projecting in almost…

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Alice: rehearsal tapes

I just posted on Vimeo some raw extracts from this afternoon’s video rehearsal, for a storytelling spectacle based on Lewis Caroll’s “Alice in wonderland/beyond the mirror”. This performance will be presented this Saturday, September 26th, 17h30,
 at “La Fureur de Lire” festival, Théâtre Pitoeff, Geneva. While the artist and illustrator Thomas Perino is revealing his…

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