The Interview Project

Today, I designed a new book, “The Interview Project”, gathering interviews I have either given or conducted through the last five or six years.

The idea is to update it regularly with more material. This work-in-progress project has been inspired, among others, by Hans-Ulrich Obrist’s Interview Project1 (“an oral history of contemporary art”, running since 1996 with nearly 2000 hours of interviews); by the book Conversations2 edited by Constant and Christoph Haag in 2015; by a book by Markus Miessen3, and some more.

Design process: the book is generated from Markdown/text files and converted into a PDF with Pandoc/TeX.

I’m using some of my favorite typefaces of 2015/2016: Bagnard, by Sebastien Sanfilippo, for the cover. HK Serif and HK Grotesk, by Alfredo Marco Pradil, for the interior.

The book is available on Amazon, the source files are published on GitHub.

Two versions of the book

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  2. Conversations, Constant Verlag, Brussels, 2015, 
  3. Markus Miessen (Ed.), East Coast Europe, Sternberg Press, Berlin, 2008,