Département Cinéma (HEAD)

Back in 2009, I had the pleasure to design the first version of the the Cinema Department of HEAD (Geneva University of Arts and Design). Following the nomination of Jean Perret as the director of this department in early 2010, I was asked to create a fresh design and to implement some new functions. Most importantly, the department decided to increase their use of the website as a publishing tool, featuring student work, workshops and interviews.

You can have a look at the website here: http://head.hesge.ch/cinema/

I used this opportunity to explore some of the new fantastic features of CSS3/HTML5 that enjoy good support among current browsers – most of all, an adaptive layout (via CSS3 Media Queries – you can notice it on a desktop computer if you resize your browser window) and a cross-browser video embedding solution (using both HTML5 and Flash).

The content management system used for this site is SPIP, a great community-based open-source CMS, that is around since 2001 and slowly approaching it’s 3.0 release.

Art Direction, Design, Code: Manuel Schmalstieg
Review, Testing, QA: Guillaume Favre
Logo design, Favicon design: Schaffter Sahli

Standards: HTML5, CSS3
Components: SPIP, jQuery, JW Player, Galleriffic, html5shiv
Software: Espresso, CSSEdit, Firebug, TextWrangler, Interarchy, CyberDuck, YSlow, Photoshop, ImageOptim