Videobridge Beograd-Prishtinë

On Saturday October 20th 2007, a video-link was established between a spot in the main pedestrian street of Belgrade (Knez Mihailova) and a location in Prishtina, capital of the yet-to-be recognized state of Kosovo. Both spaces were linked through an internet connection, using a popular free teleconferencing software to transmit sound and image in realtime.

Drawing on influential telecommunication art projects of the early 80’s (notably “Hole in Space” by Galloway/Rabinowitz), this videobridge intends to reflect on the meanings and possibilities of media arts on the backdrop of a sensitive geopolitical environment.

This project was carried out in the frame of “Reenacting Moments“, a working meeting gathering artists from both Serbia and Kosovo.

Manuel Schmalstieg: concept, technical overview
Kader Muzaqi and friends: Pristhina team
Leonhardi Kulturprojekte: organisational and logistic support
Centre for cultural decontamination: logistic support
Goethe-Institut Belgrad: technical support
Kosova Art Gallery: organisational support

Reenacing-Moments 2007 Website