workshop webdesign

Notes en vue du Workshop Webdesign donné à la HEAD / Pôle Art/Media les 24-26 mars 2009.

Web Design Tools:

Mac Text Editors:
* TextWrangler
(includes FTP client)
* Smultron
* jEdit (cross-platform) –

Linux text editors with HTML support :
* Screem (0.16.1 – 11-16-2005) (not developed anymore)
* Bluefish (1.0.7 – 30 October 2006)
* Quanta Plus (3.5.9 – 2008-02-20)
* Kate

“I work in Linux(Fedora 8/KDE) – and I mostly use Kwrite. But when I am working on HTML(I am a Web Developer), I use Quanta Plus.”
“Another option is kate – that is between Kwrite and Quanta Plus.”
“If you are a gnome user, I will recommend gedit, Blue Fish.”

Coding Environments:

* Aptana (1.2.1 – 21 October 2008)
“Aptana Studio is the premier IDE for Today’s Web offering integrated
language support for HTML, DOM, JavaScript and CSS, embedded development
platforms and databases for PHP, Jaxer, Ruby on Rails, and Python.”
“today I tried Aptana… but it’s too much like eclipse, and consumes a lot of memory too.”

* Komodo Edit (5.0.3 – 19 December 2008)
“I’ve been using Komodo Edit after stumbling across it. Being a past user of pspad, notepad 2, i’ve so far found that it’s been incredibly useful.”

* Eclipse (3.4.1)
“Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (162 MB)”
“I’m a fan of Eclipse, a multipurpose IDE that handles a variety of languages. There are extensions for almost any language, CF Eclipse being the main IDE used for Coldfusion development.”
“I still like coding in a simple text editor, but am increasingly using Eclipse now, esp with the Aptana plugins”

“I’m using Zend Development Environment for PHP and Aptana for html/javascript.”
“I use Zend Studio and have been for a couple years now. (…) It costs a good penny (Standard is $99 and Pro is $299), but I like it.”


Windows HTML editors:

graphic mode:

* CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor (Version: 9.1 – May 22, 2008)

TEXT mode:

* Arachnophilia (5.4 – 02/08/2009)

** PSPad (4.5.3 – 25 novembre 2007)
“It’s free, has syntax highlighting, and ftp.”
“I tried Notepad++ but was pretty disappointed. I’ve been using PSPad for a while. Very nice little program.”
“I’m using Aptana as primary editor also i m using Pspad as secondary editor. Both editors is very good.”

* Notepad++ (5.2 – 2009-02-08)
(Includes FTP client)
“I am using Dreamweaver(mx 2004)/notepad++ – best solution, advice”

“I have installed and used several editors (Crimson, PSPAd, PHPeditor, HAPedit, PHP design, Arachnophilia, etc.), but find myself coming back to this editor”

OLD Windows software:
* Crimson Editor (V3.70 Release – Sep. 22, 2004)
(built-in FTP client)

* HAPedit (3.1 – May 28th, 2004)



Textmate (Mac): (€39 / $52)
“I’m on a mac and using Textmate for XHTML/PHP and the fantastic CSSEdit for – you guessed it – editing CSS”

CSSEdit (Mac): 29.95€

Coda (Mac): $99

E Text Editor (Windows) ($34.95)

EditPlus (Windows): (v3.10 – 2008-12-03) ($35)

“On windows I used to use editPlus, but for Linux my favorite is Kate. it has everything I could possibly want including in-line spellchecking, command line access , built in browser, tabs and a good syntax highlighter.”