LowRez/Solaris showing at NIFFF festival

A dual-screen installation version of my Low-Rez Stories/Solaris piece will be screened tomorrow evening, 5th July, at NIFFF Festival, Neuchâtel, during the opening of the video programme Actual Fears, curated by the CAN team. It’s starting at 19:00 PM, location is the Jardin Anglais promenade (Faubourg du Lac). It will run until late, ca 1am.

The piece is based on the juxtaposition of the famous urban highway sequence from Tarkovski’s 1972 movie Solaris, filmed in Tokyo, and a rendering of the same highway track shot in Google Streetview.

I added to this a textual layer of scrolling subtitles, which contains all the comments that Youtube users have posted on the original Tarkovski piece, that someone uploaded three years ago.

The video programme will also be running the whole week untill 11th July, from 2pm to 1am. More info about the video piece, as well as earlier fragments and teasers, can be found at https://low-rez.tv